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Luxury Travel Advisors: Why We Need Them Now More Than Ever

Let’s face it – we’re all addicted Today, it’s no secret that we are all glued to our smartphones. Being bored is nearly impossible when we literally have the world at our fingertips and we feel... Continue reading

Key Data Points for CFOs to Better Analyze Corporate Travel Expenses

What would it look like if you had better visibility into your corporate travel expenses? What if you had the technology that integrated and streamlined your travel bookings, authorizations and... Continue reading

5 Tips for Negotiating with Travel Suppliers

5.27.2021 UPDATE: The information in this post is since outdated for the post-pandemic world of corporate travel. For the latest tips on negotiating with suppliers and leveraging your travel spend,... Continue reading

Unmanaged Travel vs. Managed Travel 101

Understanding the key differences between unmanaged and managed travel can help organizations objectively and accurately determine opportunities for process improvements to benefit their bottom line.... Continue reading