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September 25, 2018

In this edition of the Travel News Brief: Additional airlines raise bag fees, United changes boarding process, new flights announced, DHS education on Real ID, hotel worker union strike updates, 5 tips for traveling light on extended business trips, how to explain risk to business travelers and more!

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5 Tips for Traveling Light on Extended Business Trips

When you travel for work, you have to pack light. Doing so will make it easier to get through airline security, and you won't have to worry about lugging a heavy suitcase between presentations, meals and meetings with clients. Plus, reduced baggage fees will save your employer money. Read More

How to Explain Risk to Business Travelers

Educating travelers about risks on the road is an important part of duty of care. An engaged traveler is an aware traveler. It's often easy to forget that the conditions we experience in our daily lives are not representative of life in other cities and countries.

When travelers go on business trips, they may face confusing laws and customs as well as possible personal safety concerns. Understanding the unique risks that accompany each business trip is the first step in promoting a strong duty of care policy. Read More

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American Airlines Joins Rivals in Raising Bag Fee to $30 as Congress Eyes Regulating Charges

Travel Market Report —American matched prior increases by United, Delta, and JetBlue. Read More

Delta Air Lines Joins Others in Raising Bag Fees

Travel Market Report —The increases are becoming industrywide as more and more major airlines follow suit. Read More

Introducing Better Boarding at United Airlines —United Airlines is expanding enhancements to its boarding at gates to give customers more space at the gate, less time waiting in line and improved boarding information to create a less stressful environment. Read More

Hawaiian Airlines to Add Nonstop Boston-Honolulu Service

The Boston Globe —Hawaiian Airlines will on April 4 launch nonstop service between Boston Logan International Airport and Honolulu, the longest domestic flight in US history. Read More

Air France Announces Return to Dallas-Fort Worth

Travel Mole —Carrier will resume flights for first time since 9/11…Read More

GBTA Research Shows Buyers Overwhelmingly Shun Basic Economy Fares

Business Travel News —Nearly two-thirds of travel buyers never allow their travelers to book basic economy fares, according to a survey of 168 travel buyers conducted by the Global Business Travel Association and Airlines Reporting Corp. Read More

United Airlines Joins JetBlue, Others in Raising Bag Fees

Travel Market Report —United Airlines is matching last week’s hike in bag fees by JetBlue. The carrier will now start charging $30 for the first checked bag (up from $25), $40 for the second (up from $35), and $150 for the third (up from $100). The fee for United flights to and from Canada for a second bag will now be $50. Read More

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Delta Launching First US Biometric Terminal

Travel Mole —International travelers can use facial recognition for check-in and boarding…Read More

DHS Steps Up Real ID Education Efforts

Business Travel News —U.S. states must issue IDs that comply with federal regulations by Oct. 10, but deadline extensions will prevent issues there, according to Real ID program director Steve Yonkers. The bigger issue is that travelers must have Real IDs in their wallets by Oct. 1, 2020, in order to pass through airport security checkpoints, and many are opting for other kinds of state IDs. Read More

Facial-Recognition Scanners at Airports Raise Privacy Concerns

Washington Post —When a facial recognition scanner helped authorities nab a man trying to enter the country using someone else’s passport at Dulles International Airport last month, officials heralded the technology as a “step forward” in protecting the United States from threats. Read More

How Can Companies Help Female Business Travellers Stay Safe on the Road?

The Globe & Mail —For women, the fastest-growing group of business travellers, the usual fatigue and frustrating logistics of visiting a foreign country may be the least of their problems. And how companies are dealing with these realities is a mixed bag, at best. Read More

TSA Might Finally Fix the One Thing PreCheck Members Have Always Complained About

Travel & Leisure —After years of complaints from PreCheck members, the agency could ban non-members from accessing the line. Read More

Government Travel Warnings & Alerts

U.S. Department of State — Information on current government issued travel warnings and alerts. Read More

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Why Your Uber Driver May Force You to Cancel Your Ride and Pay a Fee

The Points Guy —Why is this happening? Are some drivers just sitting around trying to collect cancellation fees? Or is there something else to it? Read More

Uber & Lyft Seek Broadening Business Opportunities

Business Travel News —As travel programs accept ride-hailing leaders Uber and Lyft more, both companies are exploring ways to serve corporate customers beyond transient travel. Read More

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Chicago Hotel Strike Takes Step Toward Resolution with Marriott Contract, Union Says

Chicago Tribune —Marriott International has reached a tentative agreement with the union, organizers told union members Thursday, raising hope among striking workers that other hotels will follow…Read More

Hotel Strike Could Spread to More US Cities

Business Traveller —Hotel workers in Chicago were on strike for a week and Marriott employees in San Francisco, Seattle, and other cities are threatening to walk off the job, as well. Read More

Hilton’s New In-app Guide Offers Tips from Hotel Employees

PhocusWire —Hilton is adding location-based recommendations for food, nightlight, shopping and activities to its Hilton Honors mobile app. Read More

Luxury Hotels Carve Out Wellness Enclaves for Health-Conscious Travelers

Forbes —The growing focus on health and wellness has given birth to a new generation of travelers who have upped the ante: They're willing to pay more for upgraded rooms with extra bells and whistles that promise more relaxation and healthier hotel stays…Read More

The Next Level in Hotel Fitness Facilities

Commercial Property Executive —The Hilton New Orleans Riverside and the Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas are among upscale hotels that have updated amenities to meet the current fitness trend among guests. Read More

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Miami's Airport Tries Therapy Dogs to Soothe Stressed-out Travelers

Miami Herald —Miami International Airport starts a new therapy dog program, the Miami Hound Machine, on Sept. 24,inside Concourse D. Read More

Seven Tips for Traveling During Hurricane Season

Travel Market Report —There are great deals for travelers who are willing to take their chances with the less predictable weather that September and October can bring. Here’s how to help them prepare. Read More

6 Things You Should Never Wear on an Airplane

The Ladders —Planning your super-cute airplane outfit to kick off your vacation on a fashionable note? Make sure to keep these no-no’s in mind because there are certain things you never want to wear on an airplane. Read More

Best Ways to Stay Fit While Traveling

Travel Pulse —Check out these simple ways to burn those unwanted calories while traveling. Read More

Germs on Planes: How to Stay Healthy at 30,000 Feet

USA Today — Ten tips to avoid getting sick on a plane…Read More