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How In-Person Meetings Can Help Power Your Business 

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has made it challenging to do business in 2021, there is a path forward beyond video calls and virtual meetings. To drive growth in this still-evolving environment, you need the proper fuel. Your corporate travel program can power your business, but only if you adapt your plans and stay ahead of the competition. Are you ready to use your travel to reconnect your team with key contacts and win the business?



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Mitigate Uncertainty through Your Travel Policy

96% of travelers say their companies were not prepared to handle COVID-19 uncertainty. Here’s how to fix this through your travel policy.



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How to Combat Zoom Fatigue

The pandemic-induced “Zoom fatigue” is leading to employee burnout. Take these steps to protect your people and reignite your company culture.



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Making Your Travel a Growth Driver

Your organization’s goals and business travel are closely intertwined. As your travelers return to the road, consider these growth opportunities.



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Know Before You Go

Our traveler information hub is fueled by Sherpa intelligence to provide travelers with the trip details and restrictions they need to stay safe.



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