Direct Price Assurance Hotel

Direct Price Assurance for Hotel optimizes your bookings to ensure the best rate and available amenities with minimal disruption to travel.

Once you've enrolled your travel program, and your implementation is complete, Direct Price Assurance will check rates daily and automatically rebook your travelers when rates drop to maximize savings.

On average, 1 in 5 bookings will be rebooked at a lower rate, providing increased ROI for your company. 

Billing Model Options

Direct Price Assurance for Hotel offers two billing models to provide the right fit and level of flexibility for your corporate travel program. Our newly added "Gainshare - Point of Sale" option makes it even easier for our clients to enroll in Direct Price Assurance Hotel and avoid direct billing and internal reconciliation processes.


NEW: Gainshare - Point of Sale

Your traveler’s credit card will be charged the 35% gainshare savings fee at POS when the hotel is rebooked, simplifying the billing and reconciliation process.

DT_Direct-Price-Assurance_Hotel_Gain-Share (1)

Gainshare - Monthly Invoice

Your company keeps 65% of the added savings generated, and Direct Travel will charge 35% of the incremental net savings, as a gainshare savings fee invoiced monthly.

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There are no changes to how your travelers book their lodging whether they use a Direct Travel agent or an Online Booking Tool. If rebooked, your travelers will receive a revised itinerary/invoice in accordance with your company's preferred billing mode, Gainshare - POS (sample itinerary) or Gainshare - Monthly Invoice (sample itinerary). This includes the new hotel rate and new hotel confirmation number for the rebooked room. 

The travel manager will receive a monthly transactions/savings report, however, internal reconciliation is not needed if you select the recommended POS billing model since the savings fee is charged as savings occur (sample Gainshare POS report). If you opt for monthly billing, this will be invoiced accordingly (sample Gainshare Monthly report). After signing up via the form below, your Account Manager will reach out with a copy of the electronic amendment for your records. Your account will then be put into the queue for implementation.

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Need More Info?

If you have questions or need help determining which billing model is right for your travel program, please contact your Direct Travel Sales or Account Manager.