Why You Should Visit Italy Now

Luxury vacationing to Italy is a wonderful way to experience this beautiful destination so let’s explore your next experience!

Traveling through Italy is a dream come true for many people. The sights of historical monuments, sounds of cascading water, tasty delicacies and scents of citrus fruits dominate the landscape. Many people initially begin their first journey to the country with a general overview of the main attractions but those who return again and again tend to go deeper into the culture and explore some of the more unique destinations throughout the regions.

Luxury is not just about the actual cost of the trip but more about the experience you get in return.

From sun drenched beaches of Costa Smeralda on the northeast coast of Sardinia to the Valley of the Temples at Agrigento which is an important UNESCO World Heritage Site, the true luxury is to experience a trip you will remember for a lifetime. From the cobblestoned streets of Florence to the panoramic views of Tuscany; the unrivaled Amalfi Coast to the dramatic Dolomites; the Venetian canals to the stunning beauty of Lake Como and Lake Garda – Italy is pure magic.

Italy 1

When you think ‘Italian Spa’, one island specifically comes to the forefront. For thousands of years, volcanic Ischia’s mineral-rich springs are concentrated into 300-plus spa hotels and thermal parks, making this destination the largest thermal-water destination in Europe.

Food tops many lists for reasons to visit Italy. Why not bring that experience home with you after the trip and try your hand at cooking classes while touring the Tuscan countryside? Experience wine-pairing sessions with a sommelier, and follow up with a hands-on class with an executive chef.

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For those who like to stay a bit more active on their trip, try a nice bike ride through the 3,000 year old olive trees of Puglia and top it off with a hands on private ricotta, mozzarella, and burrata cheese making lessons.

Many people think of Lake Como to the north of Italy but Stresa may be the destination to add to your list as well. Roughly an hour’s drive from Milan, those towns makes an ideal base for exploring Italy’s second-largest lake, which runs along the border between Piedmont and Lombardy and then all the way up into Switzerland.

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