Unique Spa Treatments from Around the Globe

There is more to wellness travel than just a massage. Check out a few unique offerings from around the world!

Wellness travel is an ever-growing trend with vacationers from all across the globe. Many people just think of visiting the spa at their resort and getting a 60 minute massage but there is so much more to the experience than just a simple treatment. Yes, those massages are great but why not push further into your well-being and experience fun and unique treatments that take you further into relaxation of not just the body but mind and soul as well.

Six Senses Hotels, Resorts and Spas

Six Senses Hotel

I recently came across a sound massage treatment called So Sound Solutions. They are partnered with the Six Senses Hotels, Resorts and Spas which combines the technology of this special treatment with the beauty of nature throughout the properties. The bed reclines your body into a relaxed position, hovering your feet above your core as you lay back and listen to a short guided meditation and music. The sound waves from the chair play along with the music you hear to amplify the tones which resonate throughout your body. Imagine escaping into a deeply relaxing, rejuvenating, highly inspiring musical massage experience that harmoniously tunes both your body and brain like a musical instrument, to be your best.

Canyon Ranch

Canyon Ranch

Canyon Ranch also has a multitude of unique treatment options along with entire programs to help you reset your body and mind. I spoke with Mike Saab, the assistant wellness manager & certified health coach from Canyon Ranch in Las Vegas, Nevada. I had a short treatment with a Hypervolt Vibration Massage Device that easily targeted areas of sore muscles in my neck and back. Along with the treatment, I was also instructed on how to breathe and tilt my neck to get the most out of the experience. He also recommends an upcoming treatment they will be offering called a functional screening and massage. The health coaches will assess you and then make the best recommendations to the massage therapists - Assessed with Purpose.

Awili Spa and Salon in Wailea

Āwili Spa and Salon in Wailea

Another standout is Awili Spa and Salon in Wailea, a premium spa resort that offers a unique apothecary experience. Treatments are tailor made to fit your needs with products and services that are individually customized to you. Thier consultants assist in blending your personalized products, featuring local elements from Maui. Your personal profile will also be kept on record so if you ever want to order more of your custom products, they will have the same exact specifications as your original blend.

The list can go on forever (well almost) but if you want to know more, please contact our wellness travel experts and vacations@dt.com to get started on planning your own personalized experience!