Top Tools for Streamlining the New Traveler Journey

Travel has increased substantially in 2022 as employees return to the road and airways. Business travel is bouncing back to pre-pandemic levels, which has companies re-evaluating the impact of in-person meetings and group events.

Navigating the new travel landscape can be challenging as destinations reopen and constantly changing restrictions create confusion for travel managers and travelers alike. To help your travelers move confidently, Direct Travel has assembled the right suite of innovative technology and high-touch services to provide key support behind the scenes. Watch the video below and learn more about how we're streamlining the traveler journey!

Communicate Quickly, Easily

In a post pandemic world, communication tools are more important than ever for travelers, and efficient trip management is a must-have. Pertinent information and updates should never get lost in translation or disrupt the journey regardless of travel conditions.

Our Direct2U mobile app provides booking destination information, crime and security announcements, flight notifications, and itinerary changes. Additionally, an advanced 2-way communication feature lets your organizations stay connected with employees while also staying abreast of dangerous events, company policy alerts, and restrictions. With a few clicks, travelers can move seamlessly and confidently as they navigate to and from destinations.

Stay in the Know, On the Go

As employees return to domestic and international travel, it’s important that they receive immediate information regarding potential risks and disruptions to their travel. Our risk management platform from Crisis24 keeps employees informed about severe weather, terrorism threats, transportation disruptions, and political instability. Everyone knows that “information is power,” and Direct Travel helps you keep your travelers safe and informed at every checkpoint.

Additionally, our Travel Intelligence Hub powered by sherpa° provides travelers with vital updates for a smooth and safe journey. With an easy-to-understand mobile interface, travelers are equipped with real-time updates from over 2,000 sources. This ensures your travelers have the latest details relevant to their upcoming or ongoing trip, including COVID-19 notifications, border restrictions, and essential safety alerts.

Do More With Less

As the travel terrain morphs and companies are doing more with less, the role of the travel manager is expanding. The addition of new responsibilities calls for better travel program management tools. Direct Price Assurance ensures that travel buyers have the best access to the most competitive market rates. To help maximize cost savings, we’ve simplified re-booking at a lower rate. On average, 1 in 5 bookings will be rebooked at a lower rate, providing increased ROI for your company.

Raising the bar even higher, we provide travel managers with an efficient dashboard; a one-stop digital platform for the most efficient program management. This state-of-the-art functionality gives travel managers direct access to traveler location, spend tracking, and simple report generation. By putting everything in one place, we save time and alleviate stress for travel managers.

We’re also committed to lessening the impact of travel on your travelers and the planet. After returning home, travelers can receive a wellness report and a carbon offset report to ensure your program is meeting goals for traveler health as well as sustainability.

Move Confidently

Whether it’s pre-trip planning or vital communication on the road, Direct Travel has you and your travelers covered. Our most important goal is to prepare your employees for a successful journey with the best technology possible to facilitate a safe and secure travel experience. With Direct Travel as your trusted travel partner, your employees can return to travel more confident and efficient than before.

Contact us to learn more about how you can utilize our tools and services to better streamline the traveler journey for your road warriors.