Top 3 Ways to Travel in Europe

Europe is an incredible continent full of fascinating people, places and cultures. It is a phenomenal year round destination and you can explore it all! Where you want to explore is up to you but picking your travel style is best left to a professional. What do you want to see? Where do you want to go? Do you want VIP access? Let us help you craft the vacation of your dreams.


europe Sea

Unpack just once when you visit beautiful coastal cities throughout Europe. From up in the Baltics to the southern Mediterranean, cruise ships have you covered. These larger ships take you to spectacular cities in multiple countries with plenty to see and do while sailing as well. Shore excursions will get you to fascinating locations within each region and suggest great activities along the way. Don’t forget that you can prolong your time either before or after your cruise with a pre or post cruise extension. This way, you can spend more time exploring that beautiful city!


europe river

Explore Europe’s legendary waterways and scenic landscapes again, only having to unpack once. On a river cruise, you will get to visit smaller towns and villages within the heart of Europe. River cruise ships are generally smaller as well so there will be fewer passengers to meet on board. The more intimate ships though host a variety of local cuisine and cultural events throughout your experience. Take a bike ride through the winding slopes of the riverbanks. Hike up to a medieval castle. Shop the local markets of a small village. These in-depth excursions get you up close and personal with not just the destination but the communities they visit as well.


europe land

Although visiting different locations by a land tour means you have to unpack and pack multiple times, this way of visiting Europe is the most customizable. Genealogy tours are very common because you can get to see specific towns and villages that are special to you and your family. From guided bus tours to detailed train itineraries to a fully customizable package, getting around Europe has never been easier. Even if you want to explore on your own but are nervous about using the train system, there are services where a local guide will pick you up at the station and drop you back off, assisting you every step of the way.

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