How to Write Your Bucket List

There are many different ways to write a bucket list. In all honesty, just do what feels right for you. What has worked for you in the past when you have tried to compile a list of destinations you want to visit in your lifetime?

Here are 5 strategies that have worked for me in the past.

1. Keep post-its by your desk.

Keep post-its by your desk

Working in the travel industry, I come across amazing experiences on a daily basis. I keep post-it notes on my desk and whenever I come across something I would really like to do, I’ll write it down and then stick it to my wall. That way, when I need some inspiration of where I want to go next or what I would imagine my next vacation to be, it is right there with me.

2. Keep a notebook by your television.

Keep a notebook by your television

I watch travel shows constantly. Having a journal handy for those times I see something I want to do, I can easily write it down and have a growing list at my fingertips.

3. Keep a notebook by your bed.

Keep a notebook by your bed

This comes in handy especially if you have a hard time falling asleep. Close your eyes when you first lay down and picture where you would like to be falling asleep other than your bed. Visualize the sounds and scents of where you are. Is it a beach cabana in Fiji? Is it a hammock overlooking the night sky of the Colorado Mountains? Is it a hotel room on the top floor of a Singapore skyscraper? Play out that peacefulness in your mind but don’t forget to write it down before you fall asleep.

4. Where have your friends gone?

Where have your friends gone

Have you seen a fabulous trip on a friend’s Facebook Page? Poll your followers and discover what is on their bucket list. What gets you excited when talking about vacations? Have you been chatting on Twitter about your dream destinations? Ask yourself these questions and follow your favorite travel bloggers and photographers for added inspiration!

5. Don’t forget to go!

Don’t forget to go

Even if you have only a few places on your list, you can still go before your list is complete. It is an ever evolving dream of experiences that will change your future travel plans. Have you always dreamed of going to Hawaii and relaxing on a quiet beach? Have you done that and realize that you are more drawn to the nightlife of Waikiki Beach? Great! Use that to edit past journal entries and expand your future ideas on your list.

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