Hitting Reset with the Right Travel Partner

The COVID-19 pandemic may have grounded business travel at a time of rapid growth, but it has presented the opportunity to hit the reset button and rebuild your travel program using a more effective and efficient framework.

From travel policy trends and procurement strategy to trip approval automation and risk management, the Direct Travel team can help you address gaps in your travel program and problem solve out-of-the box solutions to keep your travelers safe while driving ROI in the process.


Strategic Recovery Path

Depending on your company size, travel budget, and industry, your path to business travel recovery may look very different. For instance, a recent analysis of changes by industry in China—one of the first countries to experience widespread impact from the pandemic and thus the earliest example of what recovery can look like—shows how travel has been disrupted or rebounded depending on sector

Understanding how to leverage your new spend and balance savings with traveler safety can help you in creating your strategic recovery path. Organizations need to work with their travel partner and suppliers to gage their readiness and ability to support a plan for returning to business. It’s critical through this process to consider the well-being of employees and travelers, which is now inter-connected with a successful recovery plan. You should also align your company’s objectives and culture with input from key decision makers to design a path forward in conjunction with your travel partner.

The Right Partnership

Finding the right partnership is essential to ensuring your program goals are understood and met. Your travel partner should be in tune to the distinct challenges and needs facing both your business and industry.

As modern travel enters a new phase of challenges and growth opportunities, the Direct Travel team continues to leverage expertise and innovative solutions to provide clients with the greatest value from their travel program. Our unique local, regional, and global structure allows us to deliver a program that is both all-encompassing and personalized.

When working with the Direct Travel team, you can expect a variety of benefits and services, including:

  • Feedback and assistance from responsive experts
  • Access to global savings and special programs
  • Support worldwide, 24/7
  • A suite of top industry technology and tools
  • Actionable intelligence and reporting
  • Exceptional service that aligns our expertise with the individual expectations of each traveler

Future Forward Metrics

While it may initially be easier to rely on past benchmarks and pre-pandemic standards of service and offerings, the expectations and needs of travel have changed. Your corporate travel program must reflect those changes when you hit the reset button.

As a client-focused company, Direct Travel is structured to respond to your needs with agility and deliver a unique blend of high-quality solutions and adapted technologies. From evaluating past ROI to establishing new performance metrics, examining your business travel through the lens of a trusted travel partner will enable you to pinpoint opportunities for growth and identify program gaps. 

Position your business on the road to recovery by requesting a consultation with our team.