Collaboration on the Road: 7 Ways to Maximize Traveler Productivity

When travelers are on the road, productivity is paramount to keeping them engaged and happy. Often, a traveler’s ability to stay productive is hindered by a number of factors, including poor working environments, lack of connectivity to the office and the stress of travel. Combined, these factors may not only limit productivity but can also lead to a decline in employee engagement and increased traveler attrition rates.

By 2020, Millennials will comprise of more than half of the workforce and account for close to half of all business travel spending. And according to a recent survey by Business Travel News, 65 percent of young professionals in the U.S. consider business travel a status symbol, and 75 percent consider it a work perk. As more young employees travel, companies need to find more ways to balance the stress of travel and keeping travelers productive. By giving them the freedom to choose compliant and secure technology, travelers will be able to personalize their travel experience to remain productive on their own terms.

Here are 7 ways to keep your travelers engaged to maximize productivity on the road:

1. Make accessing Wi-Fi easy.

Access to the internet while in the air and on the ground is fundamental. Make sure your employees know if and how they will be reimbursed for internet usage and the best ways to access Wi-Fi to maintain data security.

2. Grant permission to use the airport lounge.

Offer your travelers permission to use airport lounge amenities. It’s a quiet space for travelers to get work done, charge their devices and make use of reliable Wi-Fi.

3. Choose quality ground transportation suppliers.

When building your travel policy, select car rental suppliers that offer features such as Bluetooth so travelers can safely take calls or highlight ride share guidelines to allow them to get things done while commuting from the airport to their final destination.

4. Recommend handy mobile tools.

While on the road, a traveler’s best friend is their mobile device. Offer safe and IT-compliant apps that make it easy to manage their inbox, keep projects moving, and book travel while on the go.

5. Select user-friendly collaboration tools.

Viewing documents while on the road can be frustrating. Select collaboration technology that allows employees – while on the road or in the office – to share files and information back-and-forth through a seamless, frustration-free experience.

6. Approve compliant communication tools.

Keeping your employees connected to their colleagues is vital for employee engagement. Work with your information technology (IT) department to select company-approved programs – for example Slack or Jabber— to ensure your travelers feel included and connected to their teams.

7. Advocate for video conferencing.

Once employees overcome the initial awkward feeling of being on camera, connecting face-to-face enhances the feeling of connection a traveler may feel while on the road.

There are many other technologies and ways to keep your business travelers engaged and productive on the road. As a travel manager, identify where collaboration is lost and be an advocate for your travelers by engaging stakeholders across your organization to approve and offer technologies best suited to meet your organization’s needs.

No matter if you have novice travelers or seasoned road warriors, they are looking for an easy, productive travel experience that is personalized to meet their needs and preferences. If you’re curious to learn more about how personalization impacts key travel program metrics, read our past Navigator Blog post:

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